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Jackson Rathbone for Voyage Clothing [x]


The Twilight Saga Cast: Monroe Jackson Rathbone V

"We talked to Stephenie and Catherine a lot, and one of the things we talked about was, what were we saying to Edward when the scenes were not about us, when Bella was not there? And [it turned out we were saying] ‘Just turn her already. Or just kill her.’ And I think Jasper’s idea was just, if he didn’t have Alice, he would have just killed [Bella], and been done with it. And been like, ‘You know what? Now she’s not an issue. She’s gone, out of the picture.’ That was a lot of his mentality. [He could have] just had a nice little snack.


Actor Jackson Rathbone photographed by me

Jackson Rathbone at the WONKA Randoms - Emmy Gift Suite.


IT’S JASPER TIME at the request of percy-in-my-pants

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Regardless of my feelings about Twilight, Jasper is pretty cool.

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